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One of the most extraordinary experiences to have once in your life is that of flying in a hot air balloon! Whether you’re soaring above the pyramids at sunrise or soaring over the world below, it’s one of those experiences you’ll remember forever.

At dawn, or at sunset, float in whichever direction the wind take you. Your pilot can precisely control the altitude of your balloon: sometimes flying at treetop height, sometimes lower, offering a unique perspective and great photographic opportunities of the vineyards below. At other times you will probably ascend to 1000′ or more to see the vast magnificence and spectacular panorama of the Burgundy. At intervals, the pilot will put more heat into the balloon with the powerful whisper burners. In between these burns, there is a tranquil silence apart from the natural sounds below.


A tasting in the open sky

During this adventure, you will taste the wines you fly over! This experience will allow you to discover the quality and originality of Burgundy wines, you will share the history of the appellations and their classifications.

Seen from above, you will perfectly distinguish the demarcated and named plots and you will be introduced to professional tasting.

Finish with the most fun: the landing! Whether it’s a drag landing or a gentle vertical descent, every hot air balloon landing is an adventure!




Hot air balloon flight in shared basket
Reading landscape
Tasting of a Crémant de Bourgogne upon landing

220 € per person
180 € per additional person


Hot air balloon flight in a private basket
Reading landscape
Tasting of 3 Burgundy wines in flight

550 € per person
220 € per additional person


Hot air balloon flight in a private basket
Reading landscape
In-flight Wine & Chocolate Tasting of 2 Grands Crus

750 € per person
680 € per additional person


Hot air balloon flight in a private basket
Reading landscape
Tasting of 2 Burgundy wines in flight

260 € per person (based on 20 people)

Your experience

In balloon

Montgolfiere above the vines
Montgolfiere above the vines

Experience adapted according to the number of people.
Prices indicated per person based on two people and can accommodate up to 40 people.

The experience lasts approximately 3 hours: one hour of inflation of the balloon, approximately one hour of flight and one hour of deflation of the balloon.

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Hot air balloons are incredibly versatile and can travel at a different height.
It depends on air temperature and wind conditions.
Hot air balloon baskets are designed for everyone to have enough space to stand comfortably and enjoy an unobstructed view over the basket.


The takeoff is usually very smooth and quiet. One the most impressive moments is when you see the balloon lifting from the floor, especially for people who suffer from vertigo, but the lack of movement in the basket and the fact that there is no physical link between the balloon and the ground makes the sensation of airsickness disappear and therefore the flight more enjoyable.


Hot air balloon baskets vary in size and passenger capacity.
The operating company needs to know the bodyweight of all passengers to plan the load. There may be no weight restriction as such per passenger but per basket, and you will be asked to inform if anyone in your party is over 100 kg.
This does not mean they will not be able to travel.


The age limit for hot air ballooning is flexible. Usually, there is no upper limit as long as you are fit enough to climb into the basket using unique footholds on the side of the basket.
All travelers need to stand in the basket for one hour and maybe absorb a small bump when landing. Therefore all passengers need to be able-bodied and have no injuries, chronic knee or back problems. Hot air ballooning is also not suitable for pregnant ladies.


There is no strict lower age limit for children, but it is for you to consider if your children will enjoy their ride. Children under 120 cm tall (3,94feet) will have a restricted view over the top of the basket if any at all.
Also, gas burners make a characteristic loud noise that usually scares children as young as 5 or 7.


Passengers are recommended to wear comfortable clothes and footwear, as hot air balloons usually take off and land in the countryside, on the farming land.
So passengers are advised to choose their clothes and shoes accordingly. It is also recommended to wear a head covering.
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