Transport by helicopter or plane

helico copie

Transport by helicopter

Full service! Your driver accompanied you when you travel by road followed by a helicopter transportation.

Sonia Guyon, driver graduate training Security Instruction Helicopter (SIH): Pilot training and initial helicopter flight to be sensitized on the flight controls.
Boarding security and protection related to the helicopter environment.

The objective

In full autonomy, to be able, at the request of a VIP customer, to draw up an estimate as well as an installation for a road trip followed by a transport by helicopter.

Specific topics addressed for drivers:
– Organization, analysis and identification of the various places of missions.
– Be able to choose the most appropriate aircraft for the mission.
– Contact the various airlines in order to carry out a preliminary estimate with the maximum amount of information to be transmitted to the customer (number of luggage and size, location of travel, duration, cost, specific carriage, number of passengers).


To be able:
– To read an aerial map, locate the zones of helicopters (DZ).
– To calculate a distance, a heading as well as a duration of flight with the tools specific to the navigations.
– Direct the helicopter on landing and take-off.
– To embark and disembark with his client in complete safety.
– To follow with understanding all the flight in order to transmit the information to the teams left on the ground.
– To understand the international phonetic alphabet as well as radio frequencies.

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