Sonia Guyon and Veruska Pochon: a duo of choc’

Article of the newspaper of the Palais in the edition of June 5th to the 11th 2017

One is a specialist in Burgundy wines, the other is Venezuelan chocolate. Sonia Guyon and Veruska Pochon offer tasting workshops to combine its two exceptional products.

Sonia Guyon and Veruska Pochon: A duo of choc ‘

Feel the chocolate, crunch the pastille, taste the wine, then re-crunch in the chocolate … and new flavors appear! Such is the magic of this shared moment. “What aroma do you feel?” Rather Fruity or Woody? Bold or subtle? Do not worry, these questions are as good with wine as … chocolate! Véruska Pochon and Sonia Guyon, “the duo wine and chocolate”, as they are already called, have connected their skills. The two young women met on the benches of the University of Dijon, within the formation “terroir and tasting”. By exchanging on their respective passion, the idea of ​​associating their products of predilection around tasting workshops has germinated.

These two dishes have many points in common, especially in their manufacturing process and tasting (length in the mouth, taste memory …). “We are working on the concept of terroirs,” explains Veruska pochon. This Venezuelan origin has to heart to make discover the chocolates of his country. “Only 1% of Venezuelan cocoa is exported to the world! “She says. Depending on the climate, soil and human intervention, the chocolate produces a different aroma. On the sea side, cocoa will be more fruity; On the mountain side, the cocoa will be more woody and moist. Wines of Burgundy or Venezuelan chocolate: to each his great wines! Also a pastry-chocolatier, Veruska Pochon, pays particular attention to raw materials. She proposes only fine cocoa, of high quality, which she gets directly from the producer “Chocolates El Rey”, via the association “Women of cocoa” based in Dijon.

With good chocolate, its good wine …

Sonia Guyon, from Dijon, could only offer Burgundy wine! Passionate about the vineyard of her native region, the young woman, also a private driver (VTC), accompanies tourists on the wine route and shows them around. From the coast of Nuits to the coast of Mâcon, passing by the coast of Beaune and the coast of Chalon, nothing escapes! The alliance with the wine allows to sublimate the aroma of the chocolate. “Even if each puck is different, a wine can bring out the chocolate sugar more or less intensely,” explains Veruska Pochon.

For each workshop, several different wines are proposed, ranging from the appellation village, to the regional, and obviously some premier cru. “Before each tasting, we go to the winegrower to test the wines with the chocolates,” says Sonia. Even if everyone keeps for now, his professional activity, these gourmet workshops are promising … The next will be held in June in Dijon (the place remains to be defined) for an even more gourmet alliance: white wines and desserts!

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