Burgundy Wine Tours by Sonia Guyon

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Burgundy tour by Sonia Guyon

Let you tell the story of Burgundy wine, the terroir that gave birth to the climates of Burgundy and the work of winemakers through extraordinary encounters.
I will take you through the vineyards that have made the fame of Burgundy wines, developed since the Middle Ages.

Enjoy an authentic and meaningful experience


Burgundy Wine Tour by Sonia Guyon

Burgundy is pretty, secretive, and unique.
My philosophy is to share my passion for my native region, to tell you extraordinary stories about the pleasures of living in a food-wine culture, by making you discover its hidden corners in a privileged and unusual way.
An unforgettable experience into the heart of the vineyards.

Sonia Guyon

Whether you’re coming for a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon, or a culinary trip, I also organize custom tours of Burgundy and can offer you a 100% customized itinerary based on your unique needs and interests.
Stay in touch with me and discover the latest news about the Burgundy region.


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